“Being in Shayna’s class was a life changing experience. Shayna opened my mind to so many things. She always listened and help me deconstruct any situation in a way that made everything more clear and easier to work with. Some of the most important things I’ve learned so far were to understand and be compassionate towards the parts of me I thought were harder to love, and to learn how to contradict my conditioning on a daily basis. Working with a group of people that go thru similar things made it so much better and easier to forgive and love myself too, as well as start putting myself and my needs first instead of feeling bad or apologizing for them. I’ve stopped being ashamed and angry at myself for being Anxiously Attached and now I’m proud of who I am, even that part of Me.”

— Marlene

Healing circle

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“The work is hard. But it’s worth every step of it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve met such beautiful people and heard all of these inspiring stories that make me feel…”



My work with Shayna was very reflective. She asked some difficult questions to try and get me out of my comfort zone (that is where the magic happens). She had me…”



“Shayna’s program was undoubtedly a major turning point in my journey, and I’m immensely grateful for finding the help I needed, exactly when I needed it most…”