I recently completed a group coaching program with Shayna Cass of Return To Love. For the past two years, I’ve been on a healing journey, seeking the best version of myself. I’d found several “pieces of the puzzle” regarding my past trauma and self-love, but I didn’t really know how to love my “inner child” or reintegrate parts of myself I’d come to associate with shame and pain. I knew it was time for another approach.

The program I completed focused on Anxious Attachment, Inner Child Healing, and a shift of Mindset regarding the conditioning I had considered to be “normal” my entire life. I learned what tools I have available to continue to heal at my own pace, to embrace my inner truth, to accept others as they are, and to see the world as it is rather than simply how I would like to view it. The group setting allowed me to be vulnerable and inspired by those making the same journey into secure attachment. Support through healthy co-regulation gave me the confidence to see within myself the same spark of transformation I could see growing brighter in the other members of the group.

My journey is not yet complete, and yet I feel more confident, more prepared, and more assured that I’m on the right path and truly am growing into the best version of myself. I am exactly Who, Where, and What I need to be, In The Now. Shayna’s program was undoubtedly a major turning point in my journey, and I’m immensely grateful for finding the help I needed, exactly when I needed it most.

— Josh

Healing circle

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My work with Shayna was very reflective. She asked some difficult questions to try and get me out of my comfort zone (that is where the magic happens). She had me…”



“Being in Shayna’s class was a life changing experience. Shayna opened my mind to so many things. She always listened and helped me deconstruct…”



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