Mindset & Manifestation


Mastering Mindset & Manifestation At this final stage of your journey, we will be focusing on how to maintain a positive mindset (not to be confused with toxic positivity) in your everyday life and keep your brain healthy. Then you will learn how to raise your vibration in order to attract all that [...]



Rewiring the Mind and Body In order to develop healthy new patterns, we have to rewire your attachment trauma. Through Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, and disconfirming action, we will reprogram your limiting beliefs on a subconscious level. Using chakra balancing and somatic therapies, you will learn how to cleanse the trauma from your body. [...]

Self Love & Authentic Freedom


Self-Love & Authentic Freedom "Self-love is a practice. It's a daily commitment to choosing yourself, asserting and enforcing boundaries, and caring for your mind, body, and spirit. Loving yourself is recognizing that you are worthy and that anyone who devalues you has no space in your life." At this stage of your [...]

Nervous System Regulation


Nervous System Regulation Attachment trauma wreaks havoc on the nervous system, causing you to live in a constant state of fight or flight. At this stage of your journey, I will guide you through the ins and outs of your nervous system by exploring Polyvagal Theory, Distress Tolerance, and Emotional Regulation. You will learn [...]

Unlearning Your Conditioning


Unlearning Your Conditioning Unlearning is the process by which we break down the origins of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and biases. Through this process you will challenge everything you've come to know as the way things are "supposed to be" and embrace the way things are. And, more importantly, you'll choose what resonates [...]

The Inner Child


The Inner Child We all have a wounded inner child living inside of us. The first step of your journey begins with connecting to this inner child. We do this by starting at the root and uncovering the core wound through deep shadow work. Once we discover our core wound, we learn [...]

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